What is the mechanism that detects fraudulent clicks?

8/15/2018 | Click fraud prevention

Click fraud prevention

Do not just try to find a way to manually stop the fraudulent clicks in a low efficiency. Instead you need to understand the mechanism to provide effective methods of blocking and avoid wasting time as much as possible.
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To be able to detect fraudulent clicks automatically, we need to pay attention to what the mechanism is? Follow the factors below:

Fraudulent click detection mechanism

✔ Cookies are information stored in a web browser about a user.
✔ A session is a time when customers click on the website and close the website or not take any action with the web after a certain period of time (usually 30 minutes).
✔IP: IP address to access your website through Google Adwords ads
✔ Platform: Operating system + Web browser + Screen resolution used to advertise you ads.
✔Online: Online access time is the total time that users click on the advertisement and exit the session.
✔ Number of links to access the total number of links that customers have clicked on your adwords ad.

Specific examples

These are the most basic factors to determine the behavior of a customer who really wants to learn about your product or service? Position you as a customer who needs and search for keywords related to your interior decoration service, at least customers need time to find out information about you before deciding to call, so it is very rare for customers to search for services only and call you immediately after viewing your website within 3 to 5 seconds. You have the right to suspect that all clicks with access time less than 05 seconds on the website to monitor.

If during the customer access time you do not receive any call asking about the service, hesitate any longer without listing the customer access IP of the virtual click alert type.

You can Setup a certain tracking cycle, for example, if you keep track of one day with a certain IP or a range of IPs that continuously access your ad in 3 times, you don't receive any call from the guest. item, please list this IP as a warning form of danger. If you do not receive any call from the customer within 1 to 3 hours but have a device to access your adwords several times, you have the right to suspect that the IP has been accessed. Update on this Platform for further tracking.

Understanding the "deep" and understanding the "right" nature of detection mechanisms will help you find and apply blocking options more quickly and efficiently. If your manual virtual blocking methods take too much time and effort,

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