What is click fraud?

Clicks from automated tools, robots, software or manuals that intentionally click on ads to increase your costs. These clicks are to waste your advertising budget but not get potential customers.

Current click fraud statistics

  New software programs are constantly created for invalid clicks without being detected by Google. Number of these clicks is greater than real impressions, making you run out of budget for ads. It will have negative impact on your business if not prevented early.

Fraud clicks account for


of the total clicks

In some of highly competitive industries, this rate can be up to 90%




More than 400 thousand $ is wasted every year because of click fraud from competitors

Why we need to prevent click fraud?

Using click fraud
prevention tool

Not using click fraud prevention tool

Budget is saved

Click fraud prevention helps you minimize the damage to your advertising budget due to clicks from your sabotage competitors or invalid clicks.

Novaon AutoAds

Budget is wasted

You will have to pay for both clicks from competitors or invalid clicks, wasting advertising budgets and decreasing advertising efficiency.

Continuous ads display

Novaon AutoAds helps you immediately prevent click fraud, ensuring ads are displayed to the right customers.

Novaon AutoAds

Ads are not displayed

Click fraud makes your ads budget run out quickly, which will stop your ads.

Account is automatically protected 24/7

Click fraud prevention tool - Novaon AutoAds helps you track and automatically block click fraud 24/7. You can spend more time on developing your business.

Novaon AutoAds

Protect by by manual methods

Without automatic prevention 24/7, it will take a lot of time and effort to monitor, detect and block click fraud if using manual methods.

3-month free trial with full features of the toolkit

How does click fraud prevention tool work?

How does click fraud prevention tool work?

1. Link accounts

How does click fraud prevention tool work?

2. Configuration settings

How does click fraud prevention tool work?

3. Automatically block click fraud

Main features

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How does click fraud prevention tool work?

Main features


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Optimized clicks/month



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Over 30,000 enterprises in 7 countries choose Novaon AutoAds for ads optimization.

32,000,000 optimized clicks per month

  Save your budget and increase your advertising effectiveness by preventing fraud clicks now

3-month free trial with full features of the toolkit

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