Benefits of using the platform

Benefits of using the platform

Increase your ad effectiveness

According to set of 37 Google criteria, the system provides optimization suggestions directly relating to your goal (keywords, demography, geography, time,...), that make more effective ads

Benefits of using the platform

Save time & money

Automaticization - reduce time-consuming operation (parse data, report). Quickly detect and support you to solve causes wasting your ads budget (click fraud, ineffective keywords,...), so you can effectively save time and money
Benefits of using the platform


Intuitive and easy-to-track optimization report provides you an overview of the whole campaign. You can quickly control your campaign and immediately decide to optimize your ads better

Tools of Novaon AutoAds

Use the platform to improve your ads efficient

Google Ads optimization tool

Suggest multi-dimensional optimization with simple and easy-to-track report, thereby helps advertisers supervise the campaign efficiently.

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Anti click fraud tool

Automatically detect and block click fraud within 5 seconds. You don't have to use manual blocking method that takes time but the efficiency is low

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Remarketing Tool

Cho phép bạn tạo tệp đối tượng Tiếp thị lại (Remarketing) trên Google Ads từ Facebook UID

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Google Shopping tool

Google Shopping is a new form of Google advertising that allows shoppers to easily find the product they are looking for on Google, complete with product information like images, pricing, name of the store.

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Fraudulent clicks were blocked/month




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