Why AutoAds?

Why AutoAds?

Increase your ads’ efficiency

Our system targets over 37 different Google criteria, optimizing suggestions based on key targets like keywords, demographics, location and time to enhance your campaign’s performance.

Why AutoAds?

Save your time and money

AutoAds’ algorithms automate the data for you, reducing the time you spend analyzing data and operations reports. Our systems quickly detect and troubleshoot problems that waste your advertising budget.
Why AutoAds?

Multidimensional reporting

Our automatically aggregated data optimization gives you an intuitive, easy-to-follow overview of your entire campaign—meaning every click and every dollar is accounted for, hassle-free.

Novaon AutoAds platforms

Some features of AutoAds’ products, ready for you


Easy set-up within five minutes gives you access to an intuitive and attractive display compatible with all devices. MaxLead provides fast and effortless analysis and campaign optimization.

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Google Ads optimization

Our nuanced engine provides a multi-dimensional interface that streamlines the ins-and-outs of your Google Ads marketing, giving you ultimate control over your advertising strategy.

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Click fraud prevention

Automatically detect and block click fraud within five seconds. Stop wasting your time on lengthy, inefficient manual blocking methods.

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Our Remarketing product allows you to target your remarketing audience on Google Ads from Facebook UID, synchronizing and simplifying your cross-platform approach

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Google Shopping

Take full advantage of Google Shopping’s advertising features, allowing shoppers to easily find the products their looking for while searching, complete with images, pricing and brands.

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Novaon AutoAds has successfully supported advertisers throughout Southeast Asia




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