Can click fraud prevention tools prevent fraudulent clicks completely?

10/5/2018 | Click fraud prevention

Click fraud prevention

Nowadays, a very large number of click fraud prevention tools are sold online. They help Google Ads campaigns increase the Adsense revenue and SEO ranking on Google.
Fraudulent Clicks lead to an exhaustive advertising budget, ads cannot reach potential customers.

Categorizing fraudulent clicks

- Fraudulent Clicks generated by users with no interest in service, product.

- Fraudulent Clicks generated by virus.

- Fraudulent Clicks generated by tools.

Novaon Autoads click fraud prevention tool

Novaon Autoads Click Fraud prevention tool helps prevent unwanted click blocking statistics from IPs that affect Google Ads ads.

Preventing these IPs increases advertising effectiveness and minimizes the budget consumed by unwanted clicks.

How AutoAds prevents click fraud:

- Block suspicious IP immediately

- Detect IP and Fraudulent click and do not display ads anymore

- Actively provide flexible blocking mechanism

- Suspected IP details about Click Fraud and support sending reimbursement request to Google

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