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Google Ads optimization


It can be said that Email Marketing is still one of the most attractive and guaranteed methods to develop businesses and customer files. Using Email Marketing effectively can help businesses increase profits and breakthrough revenue. In the following article, Novaon AutoAds wants to share the latest information on Email Marketing in the hope of helping you in learning and implementing effective Email Marketing campaigns.

1. Emails sent to abandonment customers sent after 1 hour will be more effective than not sending or sending earlier or later (Source: SaleCycle)

Businesses will lose many customers if they are not interested in taking care of customers who have forgotten their shopping carts when they have demand for reasons such as not yet really needed, not yet paid. ...

Studies show that sending an email to a customer when abandoning a shopping cart can increase a company's sales. But when is the best time to do this? If a customer places a product in the shopping cart, this indicates that they have a certain level of interest, as potential business customers. As a marketer, you need to know how to convert that behavior of interest into buying behavior, through marketing tools such as Abandonment Email.

Research by SaleCycle shows that the best time to send abandonment emails is one hour after customers put products into the cart. According to calculations, this conversion rate is 6.33%. Meanwhile, this rate is only 3.14% after 1 hour, 1.74% within 24 hours

2. 73% of people aged 20 to 30 prefer to contact businesses via email. (Source: Adestra)

Are you in this age group? Do you like working with businesses via email or via facebook?

Research from Adestra shows that email is the preferred form of communication for people ages 20 to 30. For this group of consumers, email has become an integral part of everyday life.

Because email users are quick, easy, and can do it anytime and anywhere with the internet, it meets the needs of the majority of people in their 20s and 30s (the generation with the closest and most access to the internet). ). To serve this customer, businesses need:

Respond quickly to emails

Delicate business information, products, promotions via email.

3. Email has higher conversion rates than social media and search marketing tools. (Source: Wordstream)

Marketing efforts depend on the ability of marketers to convert potential customers into buyers. Marketers and business owners know that optimizing conversion rates is crucial. It can bring many potential customers, many buyers at low cost.

When it comes to spending your marketing activities, you need to know that you are making money and exactly how much. Spending money on your marketing plan is essential and through email helps ensure you get a return on your investment.

Combined with social media and search engines, you will gain potential customers, then through email, you will convert potential customers into buyers. In addition, do not forget to promote images, campaigns, products via email to customers with more shopping needs.

4. 59% of customers think that email affects their purchases (Source: SaleCycle)

Email marketing plays a valuable role in influencing purchasing decisions. This statistic shows that nearly 60% of purchasing decisions are via email marketing campaigns. Among those surveyed, 50% said they bought something via email marketing or email advertising once a month.

Digital marketers can research through email statistics. Through that can see the reach of email and promote sales through email. Only 1.9% received promotional emails without making a purchase after viewing the email.

5. Launching email campaigns by customer segments can increase sales up to 760%. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

Different customers will have different purchasing needs. The marketer's job is how to create personalized campaigns that impact each customer.

For example, the same people who want to buy a bag, some people use it for storage, others use it for decoration ... the marketer's job is how to properly hit the demand. use by the customer. Your email is the same, in addition to general content, it is necessary to have information to personalize the needs of guests, so your conversion rate is high.

6. Email open rates for personalized emails are 82% higher. (Source: Asia Mar Tech)

Personal emailing is important as it impacts higher open rates and purchases. This statistic shows that adding personalized contacts will increase email open rates by up to 82%. Most users prefer email to mention their name instead of a generic "brother / sister". In addition email must also relate to their previous purchase interest. Keep this in mind for your next email marketing campaign.

7. 42% of people delete emails when it's not optimized for mobile designs.

Increase click-through rate to view your email when it is optimized for mobile design. More than 40% of people delete promotional emails when it is not optimally designed on mobile phones. This means you are wasting money to get potential customers.

If you want to enter the market in which mobile phones are growing, it is important to provide optimized email content. Only 11% of recipients will press to read emails designed for mobile devices.

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