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Reporting the accessible domain with Facebook Messenger web

Facebook Page is the Facebook page you are using to post, contact and run ads.

To ensure the Facebook chat button is displayed on the website, go to Settings in the upper right corner (next to Help).
Then go to the "Messenger platform" section on the left menu bar. (picture below)

Select "Go to this section" of the "Plugin chat with customers" section

Select "Set up" to start setting up the Facebook chat button, follow the instructions then you select Set up chat with customers.

Here enter your website domain name so that the chat button can be displayed on it and click "Save" then press "Finish".

Next, black out the entire path, press "Ctrl+C" or right-click and choose "Copy" this path. 

Next, paste this link in the box the Facebook Page link on the OnMarketer product of AutoAds to set up the Facebook Messenger button for the website.

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