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Instructions for installing Web Push on the website

To install Web Push, download the SDK file first

Step 1: Download the SDK file

After downloading the AutoAds SDK file you need to upload it to the root directory (Example: 'public_html', 'html') on your website.

Here are tips for you to easily upload files to the SDK to the website root directory

Download the file and send it to IT (Web programming), then IT (Or the website service provider) will assist you in downloading the SDK file to the root directory.
The SDK file will be in the same folder as the website's Robots.txt or Sitemap.xml file
Provide an FTP account on your website so we can assist with downloading files
If your website is using the Wordpress platform, please see the instructions for uploading the SDK file at the link:

Instructions to upload the SDK file on Wordpress

Step 2: Assign embed code on website

AutoAds embedded code is generally used for OnMarketer and Web Push tools
If you previously assigned MaxLead code, this code will be used always for MaxPush. You only need to upload the SDK file to the website to complete the installation
If your website does not have AutoAds embedded code, please see the instructions for assigning code to each platform:

Embed MaxLead code to Wordpress website
Instructions for installing code on Shopify
Instructions to attach ML code to Haravan
Instructions for installing code on Joomla
MaxLead's embedded code uses Google Tag Manager


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