What can Novaon AutoAds do for your?

Novaon Martech tools

Novaon Martech is providing 3 set of tools to help businesses optimize business efficiency, save budget and increase revenue:
  • Click Fraud Prevention: Collect data to prevent fraud and unwanted clicks from suspicious IP addresses. This IP prevention ultimately increase advertising efficiency and reduce costs by unwanted clicks
  • Google Shopping: A new form of advertising (for e-commerce industry) that allows buyers to see photos, prices, brands and stores when searching for products on Google; Help you manage and update product information automatically and continuously to prevent ads from interruption as well as save time and increase efficiency.
  • OnMarketerBuild an optimal scenario to effectively collect leads, increase interaction and conversion rate; Support many ways of contacting with many buttons such as creating call buttons, Chat Messenger on the web, Integrating Zalo into the web, LiveChat... to attract maximum potential customers; Know exactly which keywords and campaigns are collecting the best leads to optimize advertising effectiveness.

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