The updated Maxlead version 1.3

7/26/2019 | Digital marketing

Digital marketing

1. Overview Menu Report 

- The graph shows the transformation of getting conversions in the optional time period

- Access source: Statistics of sources providing conversions for the Website (Organic, Social, Google Ads, Direct ...)

- Channel for conversion: Data and conversion rate of each contact button are installed on the Website (Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Call, Fill form ...)

- Conversion position: Top 3 provinces / cities get the highest conversion

- Time to make conversions is by week & by day

- Converting device (Computer, Mobile, Tablet)

With the above information, users can easily get the channels, times & devices that have the possibility of bringing the highest conversions. As a result, users could allocate their resources to optimize conversion for the Website


2. Conversion source analysis report

- Analysis of conversion by each type of advertising: Search, GDN, Google Shopping

- Analysis of conversion by each campaign: Expenses, Number of clicks, Total of conversion, price of 1 conversion, conversion rate

- Analyzing and converting other channels: Direct, Organic search, Social, Referral


3. URL generated conversion report

- Accurately indicate the URL of the website bringing conversions, therefore, users can know which is the products / services / content that get the most conversions on your Website. 

Visit MaxLead AutoAds Website to experience MaxLead ver 1.3 conversion reporting & analysis feature:

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