8/8/2019 | Google Ads optimization

Google Ads optimization

For any advertising campaign implemented with Google Ads, keywords always play an important role, deciding the success or failure of the campaign. So what do you understand about Google Ads Keywords? Let's explore basic knowledge around this key element!


1. What is Google Adwords keyword?

Keywords are words or phrases used to match your ad with phrases people are searching for.

Choosing high quality keywords, relevant to your advertising campaign, can help you reach the customers you want and when you want.


2. How does Google Adwords keyword work?

When customers search for a phrase that matches your keywords, your ad may participate in an auction to determine if the ad is displayed. The cost for each keyword will vary, depending on the quality of your keywords, your competitiveness in auctions and other factors.

To help you understand the quality of your keywords, each keyword has a Quality Score. This score is based on the expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Higher quality scores often lead to lower costs and higher ad positions.


3. How to choose Google Adwords keywords?

When choosing Ads keywords, think like a customer. If users want to search for a product like yours, what words and phrases will they type in Google?

The basic requirement for an ad keyword is that it must show the characteristics of your products and services and be in the search trend of users when there is a need for these products and services.

You can refer to two categories to make it easier to start building your own ad keywords.

- Main keywords: These are keywords that are closely related to products and services, often short and highly competitive

- Secondary keywords: These are keywords that are expanded from the main keyword, often phrases that refer to more specific products and services.

To optimize the quality of keywords, Google also suggests that you choose keywords with 2 or 3 with the total number of keywords on each campaign ranges from 5 to 20 words.


4. Some mistakes when choosing keywords

You need to go into quality instead of number of keywords, choose detailed keywords instead of short words, which means generic. In addition, you should also use negative keywords, do not choose misleading keywords, …


5. Regularly check the effectiveness of keywords

The search needs of users are always changing, if the keywords you are running ads are no longer relevant to the trend, then your running for that keyword is useless. Use keyword selection and evaluation tools like Google Search Box, Google Insight Search, Google Trends, Google Keyword Tools, Keyword



Keywords help advertising reach the most potential customers, thereby selling opportunities from advertising will be significantly increased. Therefore, studying the keyword Google Ads is always a job that requires a lot of time and effort. Follow Novaon AutoAds posts to update useful information about Google Ads advertising in particular and Digital Marketing in general.

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