4 new updates of Facebook ads that you need to know

6/15/2018 | Digital marketing

Digital marketing

In the first 6 months of 2018, Facebook continuously updated new features for Adsversiting tool. If you regularly use Facebook ads, you definitely can't ignore the following 4 new features.

1. The Campaign comparison test tool

This is a tool designed to save you more time. It will help you see which account helps you get more sales or conversions at the lowest cost. This helps very well for split test campaigns. The experiment separates until you define your goals, optimize your bids, and best ads for your campaign.

More specifically, the tool will give you the fastest and most accurate amount of data.

2. Towards Messenger Ads

Messenger is becoming an essential part of any brand or business that wants to grow and interact with their customers. A study on Facebook showed that customers often interact with businesses in Messenger rather than email or call them.

Now, you can get tracking updates inside the app. Messenger API is now complete and brands need to change this new digital trend.

More and more users will use the video call platform, it will become part of their daily lives. They will spend less time on other applications and more time in Messenger. Therefore, this gives you more opportunities to interact with potential customers.

So you need to be prepared for creating a Messenger campaign. This will help develop and expand your business scale when Messenger adds new features.

3. Update video data

Video is the best way to reach your potential customers at the present time. You can reach your audience quickly and effectively through video ads.

Facebook is now offering more pages of data about its video performance. Everyone will soon be able to access these new indicators:

- Facebook will now provide you with data about people who are watching your video but not tracking your page.

- Demographic objects: The ratio of male and female subjects to your page longer.

- Zoom chat: Advanced index.

4. Stop the partner categories

Previously, with the "Partner Category" feature, advertisers could use information obtained from third-party data companies to target users. However, now Facebook will turn off the partner category.

If the advertiser wants to target certain users, they will have to target the behavior, according to Facebook's custom or object, with the email address that Facebook claims to be legitimate.

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