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Thousands of customers have used Novaon AutoAds’ products effectively. Read what our customers are saying about us. - I have just used MaxLead for a few months but it works! This tool increases 20-30% turnover rate.


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Customer Information:

  • Name: Mr. Long - Leader of Travosim

  • Website:

  • Field: International SIM business 


In the past, We had just only one “Call-to-Action” button - Calling. That was why getting access to customer information was limited.


MaxLead solves this issue just by providing contact forms across platforms for the convenience of our customers, synchronizing messages across Facebook, Zalo, LiveChat, Messages in one step.

This set-up process is supported by our counselors. 


The number of Ads visitors and Website Accessibility are higher than those in the last year. We also share their information after surfing our website. Moreover, We are provided with full lead information from all sources in a single, easy to digest report, and get instant notifications of a new lead. 

I am looking forward for a better version of Autoads MaxLead!

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