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Thousands of customers have used Novaon AutoAds’ products effectively. Read what our customers are saying about us. - MaxLead and Fraud-Click prevention save my budget and boost customer base by 2-25%


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Before using MaxLead, our customers often knew us via Fanpage and direct sale. Customer Source was not maximized. Customers from websites were just a few but fraudulent clicks amounted to 5 - 20% of monthly total clicks.



I have known Autoads MaxLead through my friend. My first thought was that these functions of this tool would be sophisticated and difficult set-up, however, getting access to an intuitive and attractive displays compatible with all devices took me only 5 minutes.


MaxLead tracks effective keywords and campaigns to get the most qualified clicks.


I also use Fraud Click Prevention to save money as opposed to the past when these fraudulent clicks burned my marketing budget in a heartbeat. Now, I have Autoads Fraud Click Prevention.



In recent times, my business has experienced a 20-25% increase in the number of customers thanks to multi contact forms displayed on Website.

24/7 automatic Fraud Click Prevention saves my time and my budget. 

Combining these free-charged tools strengthen my business conversion optimization. 


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