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NovaDigital - Young startups doing housework robots with the mission of helping Vietnamese women


“In the age of civilization, the status of women is gradually asserted. The burden of work and family leaves women unable to take care of themselves, and is also a husband's concern. ” Originating from that insight, along with the new appearance of household technology products, NovaDigital was born in two potential markets, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi target customers who are busy women. Join AutoAds to learn about the strategies of this young startup through the article "My Business Story"!

Starting a business from the market demand

NovaDigital was born in 2019, which is the time when the appearance and demand for home-tech products increased sharply. Technology products for housework include: robot vacuum cleaner, air purifier, mop robot, ...

The use of technology products helps women save time to care for themselves and their families, as well as focus on work. It also reduces concerns about the lack of professionalism and the risk of hiring outside maid services.

Thanks to the advantages of market demand and the transfer of robot technology into Vietnam, in 2019, Mr. Tuan and his colleagues started NovaDigital - specializing in providing cleaning, vacuuming, and filtering products. air to every little corner of the house, with cutting-edge products and a mission to change women's lives.

Starting a business in Covid-19 - Difficulties and opportunities

Starting a business in 2019 with difficulties and cost of space, importing products, personnel, and funding, less than a year later, NovaDigital encountered another difficulty: the Covid-19 epidemic. .

The Covid-19 epidemic has been seriously affecting Vietnam's economy. Specifically, GDP growth in the first quarter of 2020 was only 3.82% (the lowest level in 10 years). For the first 4 months, total retail sales of consumer goods and services decreased by 4.3% compared to the same period last year. A series of businesses in all fields have to close, "freeze", go bankrupt, ... And Mr. Tuan's business is no exception.

Specifically, NovaDigital had to close in 1 month and focus on online business. For Mr. Tuan, this is both a challenge and an opportunity. Because of this, he and his colleagues have developed more businesses for online marketing and digital transformation.

Regarding solutions to solve the closure and online business, Mr. Tuan focused on digital transformation and could only wait for the opportunity from the State's business opening to bring back revenue.
In addition to digital transformation solutions, Mr. Tuan also applied policies to cut down on living expenses such as electricity and water bills, etc. The personnel apparatus was also streamlined. Especially cut 30% of advertising costs to match market demand.
Applying Digital Marketing and online business

In the process of digital transformation and online business, NovaDigital has implemented a strategy to promote communication on Facebook and optimize business websites.

About Facebook:
Posts are posted more frequently and dense. Businesses also promote effective content by posting feedback to increase reliability, sharing the benefits that products bring to customers. Images are professionally designed and appealing.
Set up a group of people who love technology products to help with better customer care, build close relationships with customers, have abundant data sources to analyze psychology and customer behavior. more professional goods.
The promotion programs have been strongly and deeply reduced to stimulate customers' online shopping needs.

Regarding the website, NovaDigital applies the AutoAds MaxLead product to help:
Create the 9 most popular contact channels.
Create Promotion button, attractive button.
Create popups, banners that appeal to visitors.
Provide conversion data for Google machine learning.

According to Mr. Tuan's opinion, since applying MaxLead, the conversion rate has increased by 20-30%: “MaxLead is effective, analyzing the behavior of customers on the website, seeing where they come from to optimize marketing. and advertise that source. In addition, analyzing the geographical position of customers also helps him determine the market to invest. If you don't use a digital converter, you won't know what your customers are doing, which plans are effective for investing. ”

Website is an indispensable communication channel of any business, bringing reliability and coverage for the brand. The website needs to be optimized with user-friendly features, so that customers can easily use, search information and purchase.

Up to now, NovaDigital has not achieved the pre-epidemic revenue level but is also slowly recovering. This is an inspiring case study for young startups also suffering from the negative effects of Covid-19. More and more in tough times, business spirit and durability of businessmen

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