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Mua100 saved two-thirds of their advertising costs with our Google Shopping product

Customer information
- Customer name: Tran Trang
- Website:
- Industry: Trading in beauty products and cosmetics.

Problems encountered
Google Shopping is a new form of advertising in the Vietnamese market and meeting their standards is not always easy. Our concerns about reaching Google’s policy standards and understanding their bid system kept us from using these products effectively.

Not only does Google Shopping help increase customer familiarity with our products and services, it also helps to establish our brand as a professional and desirable one. However, having to compete with big, famous e-commerce marketers is a great difficult for our business, and help was needed.

While struggling to become familiar with the Google Shopping service, we stumbled across the Google Shopping product from Novaon Auto Ads.

Novaon AutoAds helps to assist clients with the Google Shopping system, freeing us up to develop other aspects of our business and saving us time. It only took 20 minutes to update product information on the Google Merchant Center and only a day or two to begin running our ads through the network.

Novaon AutoAds support staff advises and assists me enthusiastically. Their product is useful and effective for advertisers who are not familiar with running Google Shopping ads like we were.

After using Novaon AutoAds’ Google Shopping product, we were surprised by its effectiveness. Our Google Shopping campaign was effective, showing that our price-per-click had fallen dramatically, becoming a third of the cost that they were with our old Google Search campaigns and converting potential customers into real customers.

I am currently running 2 Google Shopping websites and I plan to develop more. I will continue to use Novaon AutoAds product to support running for my campaign.

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