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G7 Metal - Dominate the high-class stainless steel market in Vietnam

G7 Metal - Dominate the high-class stainless steel market in Vietnam

The metal market in Vietnam is having a big hole, which is that rare metals and expensive alloys have not been traded, because it is not easy to do so. Seizing opportunities and being clever in business, G7 Metal has risen to the forefront in providing high quality stainless steel raw materials in Vietnam. Join AutoAds to learn about this business through "My Business Story"!

Portrait of Nguyen Duc Khanh - a wise master - a talented CEO

In order for G7 Metal to be successful today, it is impossible not to mention the talent and charm of the business career of Mr. Nguyen Duc Khanh, currently the Master and CEO of G7 Metal.

Originally a master, having the opportunity to interact with talented metal technicians, Mr. Khanh and his colleagues realized that there was a big hole in metal in Vietnam market.

Specifically, rare metals, expensive alloys have not been traded. This is a great opportunity and low competitive rate to start a business.

With the ability and passion for business, Mr. Khanh has an idea to start a company specializing in providing high-class stainless steel products, combined with major partners in foreign countries to bring back to the Vietnamese market. The best quality products. Since then, it is also a focal point to distribute products to markets around the world.

Currently, G7 Metal has successfully become a market leader in Vietnam for stainless steel products, steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, ...

Story of business cooperation with major countries - Analysis of world economic situation

The name of the brand Metal G7 was born for two reasons. One is to provide quality and high-quality "metal" products. The second is "G7" which symbolizes the 7 major developed countries that businesses cooperate such as: Outokumpu (Finland), Acerinox (Spain), Nippon Steel (Japan), Posco (Korea), Viraj (India), ...

The partners supplying raw materials for G7 Metals are big and prestigious corporations in the world, with a closed production process, strict inspection regulations according to international standards.

To achieve those achievements, one of Mr. Khanh's indispensable skills is to analyze the economic situation in the world.

Theory "Don't put eggs in one basket"

The theory of "Do not put eggs in one basket" may be the most descriptive statement about the current investment situation in the world. As the country gradually developed, investment also changed direction.

In the past, China was considered the largest factory in the world, but today, countries invest gradually distributing factories and factories to other countries like Vietnam. From there, diversify portfolios and limit risks.

The US-China trade war event is a stepping stone for many corporations to leave China to relocate their factories and factories to Vietnam. For example, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, ... Vietnam is a golden land because of its proximity to China, abundant human resources and open government policies, ...

Seize the moment - Catch the opportunity

After careful analysis of the factors:
Market supply.
World Economic situation.
Internal resources in the enterprise.

Mr. Khanh and his colleagues quickly took the opportunity when the market was not highly competitive, becoming the leading enterprise.

A memorable story in the process of starting a business, that is when Mr. Khanh discovered why this market has no competitors.

Specifically, Vietnam is a country attracting foreign investment. When foreign enterprises move here, of course they will bring their own materials, tools and specialized equipment.

However, the transport process causes the device to be damaged or lost. But these devices are not normal but contain common materials, can only be produced abroad.

Since then, businesses have to urgently buy alternative materials in Vietnam - this is a large customer file that G7 Metals access in parallel with domestic businesses.

Differences - Do not miss any customer groups

Unlike competitors, it is outsourcing in Vietnam and exporting to foreign countries rather than serving in the country. G7 Metal has overcome challenges to lead both groups of customers:
Domestic customers: factories of the Ministry of Defense, vatlieu anz ...
Foreign customers: Big corporations in the world need to import materials to make equipment for oil and gas, thermal power and export to Middle East and South America countries.

This helps G7 Metal to expand the market, increase sales and brand awareness.

Covid-19 Translation - Difficulties go hand in hand with opportunities

Anh Khanh assessed that G7 Metal "did not face many difficulties until the outbreak of Covid-19". Not only the G7 Metal, but any business has experienced a decline in revenue, closure, or even bankruptcy.

Specifically, the economic rhythm of foreign countries is slowing down, leading to a decline in demand.

In that situation, Mr. Khanh and his colleagues still think on the positive side. It is leveraging time sources

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