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Customer information
- Customer name: Nguyen Khac Binh An
- Website:
- Occupation: Agency advertisement

Problems encountered
As an agency running Google Shopping ads for customers, our biggest difficulty was in keeping our product offerings updated for the Google Merchant Center, often having to do so manually, costing us a lot of time.

At the same time as this, we also had to run support for dozens of customers, causing us to waste time running our advertising campaigns and leaving us with less time for existing customers.

Using Novaon AutoAds’ Google Shopping product, we were able to reduce most of our time spent with the GMC for each of our websites, spending minutes instead of hours keeping our information current. Moreover, updating the product on the feed became automatic.

Novaon’s technical support team for Google Shopping is enthusiastic and helpful, informing us of potential issues and working with us to fix them as soon as they arise, saving us even more time.

After using the Google Shopping product for about a week, we began to see a significant increase in the Google Shopping campaign’s conversion rate, turning potential customers into actual ones and increasing our sales.

Compared to our former Google Search campaigns, the click price of our Google Shopping campaigns decreased from 21K/click to 4K/click. We will be continuing to use Novaon AutoAds’ products for the foreseeable future.

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