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Bí quyết khởi nghiệp thành công cho SME | Casio Vietnam với kim chỉ nam “Khách hàng là số 1” vươn ra thị trường quốc tế

Thanks to the policies to promote private enterprises of the State, startup today has become a "movement" across the fields, creating many development opportunities and promoting competitiveness. Join AutoAds to listen to the experience of Mr. Tran Trung Trong - CEO of Casio Vietnam - a young entrepreneur who has experienced many ups and downs with bankruptcy and success in starting a business through the program “Business Story of I".

Table of Contents

1. The guiding principle of success - "Customers are the best"
1.1 "Word of mouth" Marketing with discount policy
1.2 Accept disadvantages for long-term development
2. Factors to consider when starting a SME
2.1 Convert numbers
2.2 Products
2.3 Price of premises
2.4 Human resources
2.5 Marketing
3. Overcoming the Covid-19 epidemic, it is still profitable thanks to the "streamlining philosophy" from the first day
4. From bankruptcy to expanding overseas markets

1. The guiding principle of success - "Customers are the best"

Mr. Tran Trung Trong is the CEO of Casio Vietnam. The product he started out with is a Casio watch because he realizes the many benefits it offers over other watch brands. That is the price and design suitable for all classes, personality, affordability of Vietnamese people.

For children: plastic watch products can be sold at low prices but quality because the aesthetic needs of the children are not high, as well as the purchase depends on the parents' pocket.

For students: can sell products with beautiful designs, diverse styles. Young people tend to post photos on social networks and save the moment. Watches are fashion accessories that young people care about because they not only provide benefits but also take good pictures.

For employees: metal wire products can be sold with high usability, no discomfort to wear and reasonable prices.

For successful entrepreneurs: can sell high-end products with prices up to 40-50 million.

Because of that, the market of this product is very wide, highly competitive. In order to survive in the market, Mr. Trong realized that the key is to find the guideline of the business. And for Casio Vietnam, it is considered "Customer No. 1".

Trong's philosophy of "Customer is No. 1" is applied as follows:

1.1 "Word of mouth" Marketing with discount policy

Word of mouth is a famous and long-standing marketing method, it is the word-of-mouth word about your product. From there, will help the product to be trusted and more known.

With Casio Vietnam, Mr. Trong applies special preferential policies for customers who have orders over 2 million, as well as professionalizing their staff's behaviors to customers.

Mr. Trong shared, with this simple but not easy idea, his old customers came back to buy more and introduce them to his friends and relatives. Thanks to that effort, Casio Vietnam has expanded its customer file a lot, much better than using communication channels.

1.2 Accept disadvantages for long-term development

There are unreasonable requests from customers, violating the terms of the company, but Mr. Trong still accepts disadvantages and takes part of the responsibility though it should not be related to him.

Specifically, there are cases where the product is defective due to the manufacturer, he still supports the maximum cost for customers. Or customers who do not qualify still want to return the goods, he still accepts so as not to offend customers and bring many benefits to them.

Sometimes, Trong receives the employee's question: "Why are you so gentle? Because I'm not wrong ”. However, "product quality and customer satisfaction must always be on the top, minimizing negative reflection" - that is the sustainable business philosophy that Trong focuses on.

2. Factors to consider when starting a SME

2.1 Convert numbers

Casio Vietnam always focuses on investing in digital conversion, especially to optimize its website because the number of customers pouring into this channel is quite large.

Having worked in IT field, Trong knows more than anyone about the specialization and safety of this product. He encourages businesses to use AutoAds MaxLead products:

Through the interview, Mr. Trong shared that he had been paying attention to digital conversion for a long time, but he could not find a suitable product. He has tried up to 10 products at home and abroad, from cheap to expensive, and finally decided to stick with AutoAds MaxLead now more than 1 year.

AutoAds MaxLead tool supports businesses:

Create the 9 most popular contact channels.
Create Promotion button, attractive button.
Create popups, banners that appeal to visitors.
Provide conversion data for Google machine learning.

The most effective feature for Casio Vietnam is the ability to contact multi-channel with customers. Specifically, you can quickly install multi-channel buttons such as Zalo, Facebook, email, ... without any obstructions

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