8/20/2019 | Google Ads optimization

Google Ads optimization


For a business, Website represents professionalism in the way of work and product quality. Enterprises invest a lot of money to create a website but a website that doesn't create a conversion is a bad sign for website development.

Here are 4 factors to build an effective website, attracting regular visitors that Novaon AutoAds shares with the hope of helping your website have marked improvements.

1. Attractive content.
Bill Gate once affirmed that the content is king and at the moment, it is the market leader. According to Hubspot statistics in 2019, aggregated blog posts accounted for 10% of all blog posts and generated 38% of overall traffic, an aggregated blog post generating as much traffic as six fragmented articles. 43% of B2B marketers say that blogging is their most important type of content, while 43% of admissions go through blog posts. More specifically, companies that have published more than 16 blog posts each month have nearly 3.5 times more traffic than companies that publish between 0 and 4 monthly posts.

With such specific numbers, the content element plays a very important role for a website. Therefore, owning a good content is also a way to speed up the process for the top of your website. The top position in search will help your business build trust for customers from the first moment.

2. Effective domain name

Domain name is the address of the website on the Internet, the first factor when creating a website. A unique, short domain name will make customers easier to remember and more likely to stick with the business. Besides, domain names also have an impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so domain names play an extremely important role for every business.

One of the first criteria for building a domain name is keywords. One or more strong keywords about the product or service of the business will help attract more traffic, use keywords that are located - Use placement keywords to have a unique URL. If all the domains you want are already owned by others, add your city / region name to the domain name.

Besides choosing a domain name (domain name extension) like .com and .vn is preferred because it is the two most powerful domain names today, customers tend to search and believe in a business website. .com and .vn first. However, depending on the domain of the Website, businesses can choose the tail as .edu, .org or .net ... One thing to note about the domain name is to avoid using random symbols or punctuation marks, avoiding signs sentences like dashes.

3. Create designs that reflect businesses

Try to create a design that makes customers feel comfortable when clicking on your website address. In terms of color, layout, there should be a combination and careful investment in terms of images because it is the key to affect customers' emotions. A beautiful interface is not only one of customer retention factors, it is also a prerequisite for the customer 's subsequent behaviors.

A website with a beautiful design, plus SEO optimization in all aspects will help your website to be appreciated by Google, from which customers can easily search in the first search.

4. Contact channels are the key to every transformation.

Contact channels play a very important role in connecting businesses and customers. However, a contact channel is not enough, we need a variety of contact forms to attract maximum potential customers such as calling, texting, Zalo, Livechat ...

Contact channel is one of the channels to create the conversion for the website, in particular, you can refer to MaxLead tool of Novaon AutoAds here. With special features, visually appealing display, MaxLead tool helps businesses to attract potential customers, know the exact keywords, which campaigns are best for effective advertising. fox..

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