101 YouTube video ideas to use as inspiration

7/3/2018 | Digital marketing

Digital marketing

In this article, we’ll be discussing potential first YouTube video ideas. We’re going to try and cover all the things that you can do from day 1 as a new channel, or that you can even choose to do now to launch your channel.

How does the list work?

Our list of potential first YouTube video ideas will be divided into four sections, with 25 entries each. The sections are, as follows: General, Gaming, Howto/Education, Technology. General will cover general ideas, though plenty of them will be relevant to Comedy and Fashion YouTube. Gaming will exclusively cover Gaming YouTube video ideas, while Howto will dive into all the different ways to do tutorial/educational content on YouTube. Finally, there’s Technology. That’s a special one that encompasses a lot of different areas in today’s world.

Of course, you may be asking yourself already: What about the remaining 1 idea? This is a list of 101 First YouTube Video Ideas, not 100!

And you would be right! The last one is a secret. Save it for when you’re done reading the whole article, or the section(s) relevant to you.


1. Introduce Yourself

Who are you? What do you do? What’s the first thing people should know about you? This is the video where you answer those questions.

2. Make A Response Video

Did another YouTuber make an opinion video? Maybe you disagree, and you’d like to make that known. Response videos are more likely to be seen than a random comment, and yours might just pick up steam for you and your channel!

3. Start A Vlog

Vlogs are popular. Basing your channel entirely on vlogs won’t do you well in the long run (in most cases), but starting with a vlog will give your fans something to look back on later, to see how you got your start.

4. An Opinion Video

Opinions. Hot political debate? Think Final Fantasy VII is overrated? Go ahead and say it!

5. A Challenge Video

Did someone do the Cinnamon Challenge? Did you catch it on camera? Did they die? If the answer to the first two questions are “yes”, and the last is a “no”, post it!

6. Review Something!

Take a product or show or episode or movie or something and review it. People like hearing what other people think about things, especially if they’re on the fence about buying or seeing something.

7. What’s On My Phone?

Everyone has apps on their phone, but no two phones are the same. What apps do you use, and why?

8. Favorite Songs

What’re your favorite songs? Making videos showcasing your favorite songs can be a hoot, especially if it includes you doing a cover of Free Bird. Trust us on this one. (Don’t.)

9. Favorite Movies

What’re your favorite movies? Talk about your favorite movies and why they are what they are- this is a great way for people to get to know you. Mine’s Hot Fuzz.

10. Favorite Sports

What’s your favorite sport? Discussing a favorite sport can establish a quick relationship with the viewer, especially if it’s something as popular as Basketball or Football.

11. Favorite TV Shows

Do you love Atlanta? Watch it if you haven’t. But also, talk about your own favorite TV shows!

12. Make A Comedy Skit

People on YouTube love to laugh, and chances are you’re no different. Grab a camera and some friends to make something funny happen!

13. Create A Pilot For A Series

Maybe you want to make a video series, like a TV show or comedy series, hosted on YouTube. If that’s what you wanna do, go ahead and make a pilot!

14. Make A Haul Video

Just got back from the mall and want to show off all your swag? Go right ahead and do that with a haul video. The bigger, the better!

15. Show Off A Collection

Collect bottlecaps, baseball cards or vintage postal stamps? Showing off a collection of items you hold near and dear can make a good impression on your viewers.

16. Parody Another Video

Saw a video that resonated with you? Might as well make fun of it.

17. Sing A Song

Sing a song, any song! Just don’t try and monetize it.

18. Show A Fun Day With Friends

“Friend videos” are popular on YouTube, especially if made well, because they make viewers feel like they’re a part of a group. If you can take a camera along on a day out with friends and do some good editing, your viewers will feel like they were out there with you!

19.  Give A Tour Of Your Room

A person’s room says a lot about them. Clean yours up before you do this so they don’t know how lazy you are.

20. Give A Tour Of Your Hometown

People don’t consider this often, but on the macro scale, not a lot of people live in your hometown. The ones that do and happen to be on YouTube probably haven’t made videos highlighting it, but you may well be sitting on a goldmine of interesting stories to tell. So do it!

21. Show Off Your Prized Possessions

Have a memorial of a deceased family member, or a plush toy you’ve had since you were a kid? Show it off, and tell us the story behind it.

22. Do A Product Review

Product reviews are always cool. Go for a formal approach with these, and try and properly tag/describe/title it, so people looking for reviews on that product can easily find yours.

23. Make A Channel Intro

Make a quick channel intro that outlines the kind of thing you’ll be doing on your channel. It’ll need to be unlisted so people don’t stumble on it, but once you start making more videos, you can have your channel intro on your channel page to earn you a few subscribers.

24. Talk About Your Favorite Albums

Everyone has a favorite album. What’re yours?

25. Make A Reaction Video

This is different from a response video, mind. Response videos are videos responding to other videos- reaction videos focus on a specific reaction to an event/video/whatever. If you’ve watched Fine Bros, you know what we mean.

Gaming First YouTube Video Ideas

26. Post Raw Gameplay

Raw gameplay is just footage of you playing a game, with no real editing or additions on your part. It’s dull, but sometimes it’s what people are looking for. Keep reading for some better YouTube video ideas.

27. Post Cutscenes

Other times, people might want to see the story bits of a video game without playing the actual game. That’s cool. Record and post the cutscenes for them to browse! The quicker you are to this after a game’s release, the better.

28. Start A Walkthrough

Walkthroughs are cool. It lets people watch how you learn and experience the game, as well as how to get past certain challenges they may not be able to figure out on their own.

29. Show Off A Speedrun

A speed run is a full playthrough of a game done as quickly as possible, often skipping many levels to reach the game’s ending. A popular example can be seen by using the Warp Zones in Super Mario Bros to get to the last Worlds quickly.

30. Review A Game

People spend actual money on video games. Because of this, they might want to know about a game before they buy it- so feel free to make game reviews! You’re helping out your fellow gamers by doing so, and may get some popularity if you have a good rep.

31. Discuss Gaming Trivia

Sometimes, gaming is about the little things. Where did Mario get his name? What’s the last level of Pac-Man? Find interesting gaming trivia to present and share!

32. Explore A Game In-Depth

These differ from reviews, and are more for people who have already bought the game. The best example of this kind of video can be seen in Super Bunnyhop’s Critical Close-up series, where he explores a game’s gameplay, themes and more as in-depth as possible.

33. Make A Tutorial For Advanced Mechanics

Many games have advanced mechanics that are difficult for newcomers to learn. Make a video demystifying these, if you know how to do them!

34. Talk About The Best Players In The Game

Any game with a competitive scene has its best and brightest. Find the people who are best at your favorite game, and make a video discussing them.

35. Compare One Game To Another

Mario and Sonic, apples and oranges…the debate rages on. Find two interesting games to compare side by side.

36. Make A Machinima

A machinima takes gameplay and voice acting and presents it as a show, typically a comedy show. This is actually pretty old as far as YouTube video ideas go, since this kind of thing was popularized by Red Vs Blue over a decade ago.

37. Make In-Game Comedy Skits

Record gameplay, edit it together to highlight funny moments, add commentary, and voila.

38. Make A Mod Showcase Video

Some games support modding- the addition of custom content. Make a video showing off your mods and how they change the game!

39. Show Off Graphics Settings

If you’re a PC gamer, you enjoy customizable hardware and customizable games. Show off games at their highest possible settings, that would bring a console to its knees!

40. Talk About A Lesser-Known Game

Love some indie darling that came out on the PS1 in Japan only? Talk about it and spread the news.

41. Talk About A Game Developer

Certain developers are interesting to follow in the gaming industry- think Hideo Kojima or Shigeru Miyamoto. Find an interesting developer and share their story.

42. Make Gameplay Reaction Videos

Gameplay reaction videos are huge on YouTube, popularized by PewDiePie. No harm in trying it out for yourself.

43. Make Gameplay Live Commentaries

Liv ecommentaries are an enjoyable form of gaming content, too, especially if you edit it down to the most interesting moments in a playing session.

44. Make A Frag Video/Highlight Clip

In competitive multiplayer titles, frag videos are popular for showing off skill. Just stitch together your sickest airshots/headshots, put on some pounding music and put it on YouTube!

45. Make A First Impressions Video

A longform first impressions video, like reviews, are great for letting people know what to expect when they buy a game. TotalBiscuit is particularly known for this with PC titles, and many people watch his content to get a feel for what they’re buying before diving in.

46. Discuss Gaming News

Discuss the latest in gaming news, like when is the NX coming out?

47. Discuss Gaming History

Discuss the oldest in gaming history, like what happened to the Virtual Boy, anyways?

48. Discuss Unreleased Games

Remember that Mario/Sonic crossover being developed in 2002? Liar, that’s not real. There are plenty of equally crazy game ideas that never came to be, though- find evidence of their existence, then share that with the rest of us!

49. Talk About Emulators

Emulators can be used to emulate a game from an older console on PC. Making videos showing off emulator progress or performance is well-loved by the emulation community, and could very well earn you a few points.

50. Speculate About Future Updates/Releases

What happens next? YouTube video ideas like these are up to you!

DIY/Educational First YouTube Video Ideas

51. Show Off How To Cook A Family Recipe

Have an old family recipe that you’d like to share with the world? A great YouTube video ideas would be to show people how to cook it.

52. Talk About Your Career/Hobby In-Depth

What do you do for a living? What do you for fun? Talk about these topics and their history!

53. Discuss The History Of A Topic You’re Passionate About

Are you really, really passionate about the Edo era of Japanese history? Dive in and talk about it, or something else you’re passionate about.

54. Talk About Philosophical Concepts

Why are we here? Does life have meaning? This list of YouTube video ideas can’t answer those questions, but you can!

55. Explore Scientific Concepts

How do magnets work? Are clowns immortal? (They’re not, they’re just terrifying.)

56. Make Math Tutorials

Let’s face it, many people have had issues dealing with the much-hated Math over the years. If you know how to do it, make a video simplifying it for them!

57. Discuss Historical Writers/Authors

Shakespeare, Sun Tzu, you name it. These men have storied history, so to speak, so don’t hesitate to explore it!

58. Teach An Important Life Skill

Do you know how to change a tire? Some people don’t. Teach them how!

59. Teach A Silly Technique

Do you know how to put your tongue on your nose? That’s gross, but you can totally make a video on it.

60. Show Off Magic Tricks

Make a random object on your desk disappear! Wait. No. That was my wallet.

61. Speak In-Depth About Current News

We don’t mean be a news channel- instead, dive into historical context and scientific discussions about current news.

62. Discuss Historical Texts [Bible. Art Of War, etc]

If fighting is sure to result in victory, than you must fight! Sun Tzu said that.

63. Discuss Literary Influences

And I’d say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it! Talk about how your favorite books were influenced by authors who came before them.

64. Discuss Directorial Influences

Talk about master filmmakers like Tarantino and discuss their influences.

65. Discuss Movies/TV In-Depth

Dive in deep to the latest on the small and silver screens.

66. Discuss Music In-Depth

Be that unbearable hipster who keeps trying to get people to listen to his mixtape at Starbucks.

67. Make A Biography Video

Make a biographical video on an interesting historical figure.

68. Explain How To Build A Treehouse

Tired of children in your actual house? Build a treehouse and show other people how to do it so parents everywhere can take their children and put them somewhere else.

69. Discuss Time Management

Many people have difficulty managing work and play. Teaching people organizational skills and timekeeping sound like pretty great YouTube video ideas to us!

70. Explain How To Take Care Of An Animal

Contrary to what people believe, they don’t typically know how to take care of animals that aren’t a cat or a dog. If you’re an expert with animals, use these YouTube video ideas to teach people proper treatment and care of various animals.

71. Discuss Animal Habitats

Talk about the latest in Beaver Dam technology.

72. Explain How Certain Tools Work

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people don’t know how to use a lot of essential tools. Fix that.

73. Discuss Different Climate Regions

You could probably use the weather for different YouTube video ideas each day, but go for something more interesting. Talk about climate regions.

74. Do Some Mythbusting

Mythbusters isn’t on TV anymore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still myths that need busting! Take it into your own hands, and try not to get yourself hurt blowing things up in the process. Our YouTube video ideas are great, as long as you don’t get yourself hurt.

75. Discuss The History Of Different Countries

Technology First YouTube Video Ideas

76. Explore The Inside Of Your Desktop Computer

If you’re a techie, you like knowing people’s specs. Use these YouTube video ideas to show off your own!

77. Discuss The Specs Of Your Laptop/Tablet

If you have a laptop or tablet, don’t take it apart. You can still talk about its specsheet, though.

78. Review Your Phone/Laptop/Tablet

Make a review of your smart device! These are popular, especially if it’s something new and on the high-end.

79. Talk About Your Favorite Piece Of Tech

Own a Smartwatch? Has it changed your life forever? Use this YouTube video ideas as an excuse to talk about it!

80. Discuss Tech News And Rumors

Remember what we mentioned earlier in the gaming YouTube video ideas? Speculation.

81. Discuss Tech History

This one is full of YouTube video ideas- from processing architectures to GPU manufacturers, tech is full of interesting stories to tell. Find them and tell them!

82. Talk About The Latest Processors

The latest hardware always gets people going. Capitalize on these YouTube video ideas to talk about the next generation of computing.

83. Talk About The Latest Graphics Cards

Gamers often crossover with tech enthusiasts, so tackling the latest graphics cards is pretty good as far as YouTube video ideas go.

84. Make A Performance Overview For Your Computer

Test your computer against high-end games and productivity applications. This will allow your viewers to compare their computer horsepower to yours!

85. Explain Tech Concepts

There’s a lot of tech lingo that people don’t know. Use these YouTube video ideas to fill in the blanks!

86. Show Off The Latest Beta Operating System Release

If you’re using, say, the Windows Insider Program, use the beta release to your advantage by making a video on what people can expect. This is also popular with Android phones whenever a new version of Android releases.

87. Show Off A Beta For A Popular App/Site

Do you have gossip-worthy beta access to an app or a site? You’re looking at YouTube video ideas, so share it with the world!

88. Talk About Audio Technology

Audiophiles are a neglected part of the tech community. If you can make quality content that appeals to them, they’ll come to you in droves.

89. Discuss Computer Hardware And Peripherals

Got a sick new mechanical keyboard, or a mouse with a DPI higher than any number you can concieve? Make a video talking about it!

90. Review Your Gadgets!

If you have a gadget and run a tech channel, review it. YouTube video ideas like these should be a no-brainer, but we’re emphasizing it anyways, since they’re important for growth.

91. Answer Unique Tech Questions

Sometimes people have a unique question about computers or technology. Answer it to the best of your ability, and see what you can find out on the way!

92. Show Off Little-Known Tweaks/Tricks

Can you believe that people in 2016 still don’t know about Windows keyboard shortcuts? Make a video on all the little ways you can use a computer better and more efficiently.

93. Talk About Your Favorite Apps And Programs

What’re your favorite apps and programs, and why? Use these YouTube video ideas to explore that!

94. Talk About Your Dream Computer Build

We all like to think about what we can’t have. You can, too.

95. Make An Installation/Setup Guide

Setting up a computer or desk or server can be tough. Making a video showing off how to do that could help a lot of people.

96. Talk About A Linux Distribution

Linux Mint is pretty cool. Make a video about Mint or another distro that catches your interest!

97. Try Out A New Operating System

Remember what we mentioned about Linux? Making a video about adapting to a new operating system is one of our favorite YouTube video ideas.

98. Do A Watercooling Video

If you’re a PC hardware enthusiast, you’re gonna watercool your rig eventually. Document that on video!

99. Kill Your Computer

Install a bunch of viruses on an old machine, or literally destroy your computer. That stuff gets views- just make sure you have a spare!

100. Discuss The Latest Advances In Storage Technology

SSDs and HDDs are a big deal in technology. Talk about the latest advances in storage capacities and pricing.

The Last, First YouTube Video Idea

101. Come Prepared

Last but not least, make sure that you come prepared. You can’t walk onto the YouTube scene without having at least a vague idea of what you intend on doing moving forward. Now, your first YouTube video idea isn’t going to come out exactly how you want: inexperience means that you’re always going to slip up, and that’s usually okay. People find slip-ups and mistakes from first-timers endearing, since they haven’t found their voice yet, and typically enjoy going back to the first videos of their favorite YouTubers to see what they’ve grown from.

For the people who find you after you release your first video, you have to show your potential. You have to put forth your best effort and your passion into what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. They need to enjoy your video not just for what it is, but what it could be if they choose to stick around throughout your growth as a YouTuber.

This can be challenging, but we can help you.

Source: https://grow.grin.co/101-youtube-video-ideas/


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