How will Google Ads Optimization Tool help you

How will Google Ads Optimization Tool help you

Account screening

It takes less than 5s to screen all campaigns based on 37 standards set of Google, supporting you adjust and set up campaigns optimization quickly
How will Google Ads Optimization Tool help you

Multidimensional report

Automatically analyze data for continuous multidimensional reports on an intuitive, easy-to-follow interface, providing you both details and overview of campaign.
How will Google Ads Optimization Tool help you

Optimizing suggestion

  Multi-dimensional optimization suggestions (time, geography, keywords, demographics) help making optimal decisions quickly, accurately and effectively.

Salient features

  • Optimizing by target

    Track and evaluate your advertising performance quickly.

  • Account screening

    It takes only 5 seconds to screening all your account according to the set of 37 Google criteria

  • Optimal reports

    The system displays overview and detailed information about your campaign on a simple, easy-to-follow interface.

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Salient features

Salient features

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