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How to distinguish http:// and https:// when entering website

What is HTTP?

Full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP offers set of rules and standards which govern how any information can be transmitted on the World Wide Web. HTTP provides standard rules for web browsers & servers to communicate.

HTTP is an application layer network protocol which is built on top of TCP. HTTP uses Hypertext structured text which establishes the logical link between nodes containing text. It is also known as "stateless protocol" as each command is executed separately, without using reference of previous run command.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is highly advanced and secure version of HTTP. It uses the port no. 443 for Data Communication. It allows the secure transactions by encrypting the entire communication with SSL. It is a combination of SSL/TLS protocol and HTTP. It provides encrypted and secure identification of a network server.

HTTP also allows you to create a secure encrypted connection between the server and the browser. It offers the bi-directional security of Data. This helps you to protect potentially sensitive information from being stolen.

In HTTPS protocol SSL transactions are negotiated with the help of key-based encryption algorithm. This key is generally either 40 or 128 bits in strength.

So, the fastest way for you to know what your website is using?


With browsers such as Firefox, IE it's displays the protocol right in the address bar

With Chromes browser, when you is accessing the website, the lock icon in the address bar will usually be displayed    

Copy this link and patse it into new tab, it will immediately show the protocol at your website.


So you know what your website is using quickly and easily.

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